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Situational Angel - BL Romance
Rick Trager had been a bit of a hometown hero for a long time, rescuing boys and girls who needed him, but his son, Joshua, got his moment of glory when asking questions and poking around allowed him to find 16 year old Jamie Caelish bound and gagged in the basement of one of the local high school teachers. Jamie had been missing for almost two weeks before Joshua found him, and the teacher, Mr. Emmerson, had not even been close to the suspect pool. However, a girl who would not speak to the police came to him, telling him that Mr. Emmerson had put moves on her and Jamie had witnessed it right before he went missing.
That had given Joshua everything he needed to know, and he took precautions, going to Mr. Emmerson's house in the middle of a school day so as to be sure that he wasn't home. He broke into the house and went down to the basement, where he found the boy hogtied with a thick black cloth tied through his mouth. He was bruised and looked more than a little ill, but he was aliv
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 14 28
Forced Crimes Pt. 2 - GiD,CiD
Charlie, needless to say, did not sleep well. He was worried about Owen first and foremost, but he was also worried about the robbery. He knew that he would be suspected, because he was going to be the only person there. He was going to go to jail for this, but he had to save Owen. He was terrified, though, because there were far too many ways that this could go wrong.
When the first man came back into the room to wake him up, he was already awake and ready to go. He wanted to get this over with, to see Owen delivered to freedom, even if he, himself, was to be arrested immediately after. He loved Owen, they had been together for four years, and he couldn't bear to see him get hurt because of something that he did. He had promised to protect Owen, and this was how it had to be done, so be it.
"Rise and shine." The man smirked. "Today's the big day – think you can take it?"
"Grmph." Charlie glared at him. Did he have a choice? His boyfriend was their prisoner; he would do whatever h
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 32 39
Forced Crimes Pt. 1 - GiD,CiD
Charlie smiled at the text that his boyfriend Owen had just sent him.
My cousin's gone for the weekend, I'm house sitting his apartment. Alone time? Come right away! Apt. 24B 2556 S Elm.<3
He jumped at the chance to spend some time alone with his boyfriend. He was 20 years old, but he had two roommates, one of whom never left the house and Owen, at 18, still lived with his folks, meaning that yeah, they had a chance to get together, but there was almost always someone around to tell them to do something or to interrupt them. Having Owen's cousin's place was practically a godsend.
Charlie wasted no time driving to the address, and hopping out. He reached out, buzzing in, and the door opened. He smiled, heading up to 24B. He was so excited to see Owen – it had been a long day at work and he could do with some time with his boy. He took a deep breath as he knocked on the door. His excitement grew as the door was opened, but almost instantly fell.
"MMMM!" Right across from t
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 35 32
Investigation Gone Wrong - GiD
Joshua Trager had been helping his father with cases for years, and this time, he had finally taken on one of the investigator's cases for himself. His father was away in China working on tracking a slave ring, and Joshua had been unable to turn away the client who had come in only three days earlier. The person who had gone to see Investigator Trager was a young boy, no older than Joshua himself, named Cole. He had brought with him all of the money he had saved and a picture of his twin brother, who had been missing for only one day. Everyone had told Cole that his brother, Luke, was fine, but Cole insisted that Luke was in trouble, he said that he could feel it, and Joshua couldn't turn the case away, he had promised Cole that he, himself, would find Luke.
Now, three days later, Joshua was hot on the trail of the people he was sure had taken Luke. It had taken him all of the first day to find any evidence pertaining to the boy's disappearance, and now he was sure that he had located
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 81 64
Burglars - GiD Fiction
It didn’t take me long to realize that someone was in my house. I woke the second the door creaked open and I could hear quiet whispers downstairs. I was petrified. My parents were out of town for the night, leaving me home by myself for the first time – at sixteen they finally trusted me in the house by myself. It struck me almost immediately that the intruders thought that they were in an empty house. I took a deep breath, hoping that this would bode well for me. I slipped from the bed, pulling a sweatshirt over my shirtless body, not wanting to be hiding in solely my boxers. My heart pounding, I stepped into the closet. I fit easily, even with the clothes, as I was slender and at 5’7” fairly short for a male of my age.
I crouched down, eyes squeezed shut, listening hard, hoping for the men to take what they wanted and leave. I brushed my hand through my shaggy, sandy brown hair and scooted back further into the closet, hiding behind my long winter coat. For awhil
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 97 71
Wrong Time, Wrong Place - 2
Trace spent about a half an hour in the trunk, trying to get free of the belt and gag, but the belt was wrapped securely around his wrists and the gag was tied too tightly for his struggles to be of any use. He grunted, kicking at the trunk lid and sides for about ten of the thirty minutes, and then gave up, resigning himself to his captivity, at least temporarily, saving his energy for when the trunk lid opened.
Sure enough, the car stopped, and the lid opened. Trace looked up at the man, trying to pull himself to his feet and leap from the trunk before the man had a chance to grab him, but it was of no use. He didn't even get to his knees before the man reached in, pulling him from the trunk with both hands.
"GMMMM!" Trace glared at the man, struggling as he was held with strong, large hands.
"Bernie, come give me a hand!" The man called. "He's squirmy."
"Be right there, Todd." The man called Bernie walked over a second later, grabbing Trace's chin, looking directly into the boy's ey
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 49 21
If It Ain't Broke, Break It by vishstudio If It Ain't Broke, Break It :iconvishstudio:vishstudio 517 32
Late part 2
Monty knocked on his boyfriend's apartment door. Lewis had never showed up for their date, but it wasn't necessarily uncommon for the boy to forget about such things. Thinking that was the case, Monty had gotten their order to go and brought it here. But no one was answering the door.
Slightly concerned now, Monty pulled out the spare key he had been given and opened the door. "Lewis? You here, babe?" The apartment was dark. There were no sounds from within. He flipped on one of the lights and glanced around. Everything was in its place. There was no one here.
Monty flipped open his cell phone and called Lewis's. It rang once and went straight to voicemail. Monty sighed into the phone as the pre-recorded voice invited him to leave his name and number. "Hey, Lew, your phone is probably dead but if you manage to get this message call me back. I'm worried about you. Love you, sweetheart."
Monty hung up and dialed Lewis's parents' number. They lived about ten minutes away and Lewis sometim
:iconfaeryinajar:FaeryInAJar 25 22
Rescuing Jamie - GiD Boy Love
Joshua couldn't drive fast enough. He had picked up on his police scanner that a silent alarm had gone off at 5234 SE Birds Street, and he instantly knew that he had to get over there. That was Jamie's house. He didn't know what kind of scenario was going down, but he knew that he had to be there for Jamie, if nothing else.
Joshua was shocked to find that, by the time he got there, he had beaten the police, but the criminals seemed to be gone. There was no car parked out front, and the main entrance was left open. Joshua was careful, though, gripping his switchblade as he entered the house.
"Jamie?" He called out softly. "Jamie, are you there?" He paused, listening for a reply, but he heard nothing. "Jamie?" He began to get increasingly worried. He had known that Jamie was home tonight. If he wasn't here now, something had happened to him. Joshua hadn't been dating Jamie for long, a couple weeks tops, but he already cared for the boy more than he had his previous boyfriend.
He stopped
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 48 56
Wrong Time, Wrong Place - 1
Trace was walking home by himself, as he almost always did. At 17, he didn't like having to work the night shift at the grocery store where he was employed, but it was the weekend, so he didn't have to be up for school. He let out a sigh as he pushed his dyed black bangs from his blue eyes. He was somewhat of the stereotypical emo kid, but he tried not to let anyone's labels bother him; he didn't cut himself and he didn't subscribe to hopeless beliefs that nothing would ever be alright again, he just liked the style.
"You had plenty of time!" Trace stopped as he heard a voice. The man speaking sounded angry and threatening.
"I'll get you the money, I promise!" Another man spoke, this one scared, his voice shaky.
"You had your chance to get us the money." The man spoke again and Trace's eyes widened as he heard a gun cocking. "You take the drugs, you pay for the drugs, all is well," he stated. "You take the drugs and you don't pay for them, things go a little differently."
"Please!" The
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 61 24
Damned - GiD
Andrew was the type of boy who didn't give up anything without a fight, the kind of boy who did anything he could to get his way, and in the past, it had served him well enough. Sure, plenty of people thought he was an asshole, but most people realized that he didn't abuse his determination, that he saved it for the things that really mattered. He wasn't the sort to throw a hissy fit because his friends were going to a movie he didn't want to see, but if someone was doing something he really didn't like, well, that was a different matter entirely.
As a result, when Andrew was grabbed from behind on his way home from school, he put up a fight instantly. The second the hand grabbed his upper arm, he shouted out, twisting and turning, his long, shaggy brown hair flying every which way as he fought to get free. The man grabbed his other arm, holding them behind his back while a second man walked in front of him. Andrew cried for help, but it was no use. The second man forced a cloth over t
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 20 10
In Broad Daylight - GiD
How did things like this happen? You hear about it on TV, kids getting taken in the middle of the day, but you never think it's going to happen to you until you're screaming your fucking head off in broad day light and no one's hearing. That was me right now, screaming against the hand covering my mouth, flailing against two men who were trying to subdue me. I was in an alley somewhere between the grocery store and my dorm room, and these guys had just jumped on me. One of them had my arms, holding them tightly behind my back as I trashed, trying to break free. Another had his hand over my mouth and was holding my shoulder with his free hand, trying to steady me as I struggled.
"Shut up!" One of the men pushed me up against the wall of the alleyway, causing me to let out a strangled cry as I tried to scream louder. "Did you not listen?" The hand left my mouth for less than a second, and I opened my mouth to cry for help, but before I got the chance, a wad of fabric was shoved in tightl
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 51 67
Held In Mexico - Ch. 1
Will was simply walking to school like he did every day, but this wasn't like every other day. Will lived about two miles from his school, and while he could take the bus, he hated to do that. Walking woke him up, and most days, he wasn't alone, most days he walked with his friend, Trent, but today, Trent was sick.
Will was a little over half way to school, just passing through an alley he went through every day when someone came up behind him, shoving him against the wall, his stomach pressing against the brick. They ripped his backpack off of him, holding him to the wall with strong, rough hands. Will's heart started beating as he did his best to struggle.
"You can have anything I've got on me," he stated, breathing rapidly. "I don't have much, but what I've got, you can take."
"It's not your possessions we want, stupid boy." The man laughed from behind him and almost instantly, Will felt cold metal cuffs snap over his thin wrists. The man cinched them tight so that they dug into the
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 68 51
Bank Robbery - GiD
Joshua gulped, trying to ignore the gun pressed against his throat as the bank he had been trying to make a deposit at was being robbed. He had been close to the door, having just entered, and it didn't take the masked men long to grab him, deciding that he was the hostage they needed. Now one of the men held him tight, a gun pressed to his throat, threatening to end his life should anyone break the rules that the robbers were setting down. Joshua didn't know how long this had been going on, he just knew that he wanted it to be over. He wanted the men to take the money and let him go.
When the men had first grabbed him, he had been pushed down while a wad of fabric was shoved into his mouth. They then wrapped several strips of packing tape around the boy's head to keep the gag in tight, and while at first he had tried to fight it, the gun served as a warning to stop trying. The same packing tape had then been used to bind his wrists securely behind his back.
"Alright." One of the maske
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 57 17
The Strong Silent Type - BL
Note: Yes, this is a boy love story, if you don't like it...please just don't read it? The rest of you, please, enjoy it!
Sometimes things come out when you least expect them, and for me, that happened more than with most other people. One minute, I would be sitting there, doing nothing at all and the next I would be spilling my guts to an absolute stranger. The thing about that is sometimes you tell things to the wrong people, like when it got silent at the Thanksgiving table two years ago and I couldn't take it anymore. I've always hated silences, awkward or otherwise, so after what felt like hours, but was probably only a minute or two, I opened my mouth and said "So, mom, dad, everyone, I'm gay!"
That sure did the trick – the table went from silent to 17 very loud Italian-American's screaming various things in my general direction. Some of them were asking me if I was sure, some of them asked if that was my idea of a joke, some were shouting at me to go get myself sav
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 26 50
Constantijn Ch.4 - GiD Fiction
After the first several minutes, Constantijn began to lose track of how long the drive was, and by the time the car was stopped and he was pulled from the trunk, he felt slightly light headed. He remained silent as one of the men dragged him into an abandoned warehouse, watching as the other carried his still unconscious brother behind them.
“Remember,” one of the men hissed. “You’re going to behave now, aren’t you?” Constantijn just nodded, but the man found that unsatisfying. “Say it, ‘yes, sir,’” the man instructed.
“Yes, sir.” Constantijn hated to give the man what he wanted, but he wasn’t willing to risk Dimitri’s health any further.
“Good boy.” The man smirked, glad that Constantijn was submitting to him so easily. He removed the zippered jacket from Constantijn’s torso and began to  slash through the restraints, watching as the ropes fell away from Constantijn’s body, revealing no
:iconcoughthepoisonout:CoughThePoisonOut 22 21




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